The Green House, Mojstrana, North West Slovenia

There is fly-fishing to be had just outside the village but the following rivers offer even more spectacular scenery and are more popular destinations. Along with the rivers of the Socca valley they offer some of the best fly-fishing in Europe.

The Sava Bohinjka is a beautiful alpine river, which flows out of Lake Bohinjka through lovely scenery before joining the Sava Dolinka near the small town of Radovijica. Brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling are present. The Radovna is a much smaller river, flowing through the picturesque Krma valley and the impressive Vintgar gorge. In the upper reaches good brown trout are to be found with large rainbows lower down. These rivers offer excellent fishing for beginners and experts.
travelling over to the Socca anglers can try their hand at catching the famed Marble Trout. The only place in the world that you can do this!

The season runs from April to about the end of October depending on the weather. 
Some guests may make there own preparations but here is a web site of the people that we have used in the past.  There are directions to their shop which is situated in Bled - They can help with equipment, permits and tuition.